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▲ Cheesoo Lee, Editor

Against half a century
For what reason
Has got stained with wounds

After a harsh winter
It has got crooked here and twisted there

For a single reason
That it soars above the ground
Its body was violently

Does the fact that it can breathe
The fact that it is clinging on to life
Can make it guilty

Within the crack
Where the ones waiting eagerly
Disappeared in the storms of life
One by one
The magnolia dreams a dream


It seems to run away if I tried to get closer
And it seems to burst out
If I tried to touch it

The edge of the petal
Which has exposed its white bare skin
That is fresh-blown with the feel of spring
Is colored in a powdery pink

And the warm spring sunshine
Embraces the soft bare skin
As if it consoles it

The petals lying upon each other
As if they are too shy
Blow out gentle fragrance
Within each layer








Cheesoo Lee, Editor
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