Flower Blooming in the Night Sky

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Flower Blooming in the Night Sky


▲ Cheesoo Lee, Editor

In those days,
As elementary schoolers, we watched numerous stars in the night sky,
Dreaming lots of dreams like any other kids. 

Within a town inside Jungnim-dong,
There was ‘Mallengi (hill)’ at the top of the town.
Town people used to call the hill that way. 

Watching innumerable stars lighting up the night sky
We had a pleasant chat with the town kids, saying

“When would the shooting star appear?”

Not to miss a thing,
Those naughty kids kept staring into the night sky,
Eagerly waiting for the shooting star to show up.

At some point,
Without any notice, a shooting star passed by, leaving a bright tail behind.
After gazing to the track of the shooting star for a while,
We, innocent hearts, cheered so delightfully.

One of the days in my youth,
It seemed like the stars of the night sky are still keeping the tale of ‘The Stars’ by Alphonse Daudet.
As if the shepherd and Stéphanette were reflected in the stars of the night sky…

And so many years have gone.

For us who are living in the same age,
The stars in the night sky are no more of a romantic tale in a novel,
But merely are the witnesses of the wall of reality and the pain of petite bourgeoisie…

Irrational social scenes,
The change in perception that the justice is changeable depending on the era,
Helpless lives of grass roots,
And their agony,
The lives of inevitably compromising with injustice, rage and so on…We are living with all of them.

Through this small empty space
We are looking back our past lives for a little while.



Flower Blooming in the Night Sky


Somewhere over the stage of darkness
One little star
Two little stars
Three little stars


Light up the silent night sky
With twinkling lights

Has the bitterness overflown
Is it the agony of our time

Nothing but tears
Fills the eyes of the star

And the tears
Have become dews,
Forming on the grass.

The condensed product
Expelled from the wind
Is it, even,
Comforting the star


Did the star come by
Last night
While I was asleep.

As the faint stain
Drawn near my eyes
Still remains
In the mirror.








Cheesoo Lee, Editor  martin@worldyan.com
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